If you’re using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or any other open source CMS and you’re using Plugins, Themes, Template or Modules, your website is probably vulnerable to hackers who will put Malware on your site, take over your site, steal your traffic and harm your business!

Your first step in removing Malware from your Website is to Scan your Website for Malware. Scanning your site will alert you of known and unknown Malware, tell you which files are infected and how to remove it from your site.

Over 700,000+ new Malware strains are distributed on a daily basis! Tens of thousands of sites are blacklisted by Google everyday for having Malware on their site!

We clean hundreds of infections everyday. From Redirects, Shell Scripts, SEO Spam to stealing credit card information.  We can Scan, Clean and Protect your Website from Malware!

Once you Scan your site, you might be interested in reading Malware Basic SignatureWhy Does WordPress get hacked and How To Remove Malware From Your Website.

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